Frequently Asked

How do I withdraw my contributions?
To withdraw your contributions, simply login to your GroupHug account, go to the hug page that you want to withdraw from, and select the “Withdraw” tab, then “Request Withdraw” button.

Are there any fees involved?
During our GroupHug launch we are offering 0% fees to our early users and supporters. We plan to offer a feature that will allow users to voluntarily help cover credit card fees. We are on a mission to put a little more love in the world and that’s why we are working hard to keep fees from being a barrier.

How do I send my GroupHug to the recipient to let them know their gift is on the way?
Once your funds are collected and you’ve purchased your group gift, return to GroupHug to send your group gift and collected well-wishes from your contributors by finding the button on the main page of your unique GroupHug that says, “Send my GroupHug.” Your recipient will know that something special is on the way.

What is Stripe?
You may see Stripe mentioned at checkout or on your receipts from GroupHug contributions. Stripe is a payment tool that helps GroupHug and millions of companies around the world accept payments and send payouts. You can learn more here: